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Casual Gameplay
The World of Warcraft is a very rich and dynamic universe for the casual gamer to be immersed in. As a casual member of Legendary, you will be able to enjoy most, if not all, of the content provided in the game. A casual member of Legendary generaly enjoys questing, grinding, farming materials (for professions), leveling, and helping others in the guild, at their own pace.

We encourage you to make the most of your playing experience and are here to help with any questions you may have.

If you feel that your gameplay is a little more than just casual...

Raiders in Legendary get together and adventure into End-Game instances in search of "3pic 100t". Raids are scheduled events that take place in the World of Warcraft; set up and run by the guild, to help raiding players get the equipment that would not be available to solo or 5 man groups. Raids in the World of Warcraft are set up as 10, 25, or 40 person instances, however, when we are short players, we venture into the instance anyways to complete what most call "trash runs" for rep and gold. We are currently working on our 2nd group of raiders for Karazan, already running Gruul's and SSC with an alliance guild, and looking at the horizon of taking on TK, BT and Sunwell.

*Certain requirements may have to be met to be able to take part in these raids. AddOns, such as Group Calendar, Omen or KLH Threat meter; Ventrilo, and DeadlyBoss Mods are just a few that come to mind. We are currently discussing this and will have more info for you in the future.

You chose it. The World of Warcraft offers many kinds of fun and exciting ways for those who are daring enough to pursue red. From Arena 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 or world objectives, some members of Legendary enjoy the fun of "ganking" the Hordies whenever they get the chance. Arena teams are forming and a new season has begun. Don't miss your chance to get in on the action and the rewards.

Much like Arena PvP but with objectives. Battlegrounds like WSG, AB, AV and Eye of the Storm, to name a few, offers those players the chance to gain Rank, Honor and Rewards. Tokens are collected from Kills and may be used to purchase nice upgrades to weapons, armor and trinkets to deck your character out with.

If you have any questions at any time, please don't hesitate to leave us a message on the forums or whisper us in-game.

Above all, have fun!


Guild Leader

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