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World of Warcraft
Level 80 Mage, Arcane.
Human. Alliance.
Emerald Dream (RpPvP) - NorthAmerica
Officers Monday, December 29, 2008
4:57 PM

Legendary Officers are among the most trusted and loyal guild members. They assist in the running of the guild, from handling the guild bank to planning guild events and much more. They can act as proxy for the guild master in all guild decisions.

Privileges: Member invites/promotions/demotions/removals. Access to officer chat. Access to the guild bank.

Queen (Guild Leader)
Leading our humble guild through the difficult times ahead. If one of the other officers doesn't seem to be the right person for your question, she's the one to go to.

Officer (Activity Director)
Responsible for keeping the guild on track, making sure all coordinators are posting their events on the calendar and ensuring no conflicting schedules. Helps determine what classes are needed to successfully progress further into end-game content with discussions with Recruiter and Coordinators. Also the 'backup voice of 'Star for when she's not around. Reports to Guild Leader.

Officer (ummm)
Tie breaker? LOL :P

Officer (Mediator)
Should any conflicts arise, Hal is our resident mediator. She is very apathetic and has proven to be able to bring an a unbiased and fair light to any situation. Reports to Guild Leader.

(Treasurer) Keeper of the guild banks, guild money, loot system, etc. Reports to Guild Leader.
(PvE & Fun Run Coordinator) Coordinate dungeons, 5-mans and fun runs, including heroics. Reports to Raid Coordinator to assure no conflicts

Officer (Recruiter)
WoW Forums & Trade/General Chat Advertising. Manages guild applications and invitations, escalating to officers and members as needed. Upon receipt of app, she will coordinate an instance run with the applicant that involves one or more officers to evalute the attitude and talent of the applicant. Reports to Activity Director.

Officer (Secretary & Raid Coordinator)
Rank review, promotions and gear audits. Reports to statuses Activity Director and Guild Leader. Coordinate 10-Man and 25-Man raid content.

Jr. Officer (PvP Coordinator)
Coordinate arena teams and battleground pre-mades. Reports to Raid Coordinator to assure no conflicts.

Should you run into any of our ex-officers, please give them your due respects for their past service:

** Post edited by Heavenlystar on 12/29/2008.

Forums / Guild Policies / Ranks

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