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Notes on maintaining raider ranks

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Notes on maintaining raider ranks Monday, December 29, 2008
5:01 PM

These rules below are in place to prevent raids being cancelled due to lack of numbers. The signup requirements are in place to allow the raid leader to create the raid group in advance. This also allows us to schedule additional raids if there is demand for it because we will know from everyone's signups who can raid when. Not to mention if there are particular key raiders (some healers and tanks fall into this category or particular classes such as priests for Karazhan), it helps to know in advance when they can't make it and plan accordingly. These rules are not in place to punish you unfairly - they are intended to weed out those people who are lazy and only wanting to gear themselves and not help the guild. If you have chosen to be a raider then you are capable of signing up for raids, showing up on time, and raiding regularly enough so that other guild members have a chance to raid too. Cancelled raids help no one.

To maintain a raider rank you must sign up for a minimum 6 hours (2 sessions) of raiding every two weeks or risk being demoted. Demotion from Defender rank means you are no longer eligible to raid until you get re-instated. If you are unable to make the minimum raid hours you can inform an eternal officer in advance and you can be given a leave of absense to maintain your rank.

If you sign up for a raid, you are required to be online and ready for the three hours that the raid is run even if you weren't picked for the raid group. This way you can be subbed in as a standby. Being signed up and logged on as a standby counts towards your minimum raid commitment.

If there are too many standbys for a given raid the raid leader will remove raiders from the signup and mark them as 'unavailable'. If you are removed from the signup queue you don't have to show up for the raid. This won't count towards your raid requirements so you will have to signup for another raid if you haven't already done your two for the fortnight.

If you sign up for a raid and don't show up then you will be debited the 3 hours from your raid commitment. This means that you will have to sign up and attend another two raids to make up for the one you missed. Not showing up for standby duty will result in you having to do extra standby duty or be removed from raiding altogether if you are incapable of being a team player.

Important: Guardian Ranks and above are required to specify when they are unavailable for raids by signing up for the raid and setting their status to 'Not Attending'. Failure to do this on a regular basis will see you demoted.

Forums / Guild Policies / Ranks

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