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Raiding Rules / Expectations Monday, December 29, 2008
5:11 PM

1. Register using the Group Calendar (add-on). Always show your attendance for every raid - the choices you will see are a) will be there,
b) might be there, or
c) won't be there.

If you choose option "a" or "b" the following is expected of you:

2. Read the notes as it will contain vital information such as invite time, pug time, & pull time, and any gear or level recommendations.

3. You are expected to be flasked, potted, and FULLY repaired BEFORE accepting invite. This includes any special food, flasks, elixirs, potions, and REAGENTS!!!

4. You are required to have and USE: omen, big wigs or deadlyboss mods, AND ventrilo.

5. If you have a suggestion or critical information that can help in the fight, please WHISPER the raid leader. It is up to him/her to implement the recommendation, modify it, or explain the different approach to the raid members.

6. Negative attitudes, criticisms, and frustrations should not be vocalized. This brings the entire raid's morale down and can have a devastating impact on the end result being a success or not. If you see a raid member doing something incorrectly, please whisper the Raid Leader and the Raid Leader will take steps to relay the suggestion/approach to that person in a tell or just reiterate to the entire raid how the fight should go so as to not point a finger to that person.

7. If you die in a boss fight DO NOT RELEASE unless instructed to do so by the raid leader. If there are any dead members at the time a boss is downed, DO NOT LOOT. There have been glitches where an un-rezzed person was not allowed to loot the boss. Wait till everyone is rezzed before getting your badges and viewing what dropped.

8. If there are more members signed up than there are spots, the raid leader will analyze the raid's dps/tanks/healers to see if we have enough "over" geared people to compensate for bringing in those who are severely under-geared. If you are left on standby due to gear, please use that time to either 1) create your gear wishlist so you know what dungeons/heroics you need to grind for gear or 2) run the ones on your list.

9. We feel we have a semi-relaxed, bordering on casual, raiding style but we do not put up with anything that causes the raid to veer off-track. We want to get in, HAVE FUN, get the boss down, and then go about doing whatever else we need to do (heroics, dailies, grinding for mats, etc). So PLEASE respect that every single person's time is valuable and do your best to minimize undue delays.

10. We only raid 3 hours a night and have to be extremely efficient to meet our goals in that time period. Please get all of your AFKs out of the way BEFORE accepting your invite to the raid (i.e. drinks, snacks, bathroom break, etc). If you need an AFK during the raid, whisper the raid leader so he can either have someone pickup your slack during that time OR so he can let everyone take a break at the same time. If you are gone for more than 3 minutes, the raid leader start seeking a replacement.

11. If you have an unreliable connection, please do not sign up or accept a raid invite until the problem is resolved. If you disconnect two times within 30 minutes, the raid leader will seek a replacement.

Forums / Guild Policies / Raiding

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