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The Start of WotLK Raiding

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The Start of WotLK Raiding Monday, December 29, 2008
9:47 PM

Raid Schedule
Sunday: Naxx (10) - Part 1
Monday: Naxx (10) - Part 2
Wednesday: Obsidian Sanctum (10) – Easy Mood
Thursday: Vault of Archavon (10) – Stand By
Friday: Eye of Eternity (10)
Saturday: Heroic Dungeons

Raid Starts
Naxx (10) start the first week of January
Vault of Archavon (10) starts the second week of January
Obsidian Sanctum (10) – Easy Mood starts the third week of January
Eye of Eternity (10) starts the first week of February

Note: All raids for the first 2 weeks will be progression runs.
Note: All raids will be canceled 20 to 24 hours ahead of time if there is a lack of sign-ups.

Raiders Responsibilities <---- Make sure you read this one.
Come repaired, with potions, food, ammunition, reagents and anything else that you need. Come on time - which usually means 15 to 30 minutes prior to the raid start time. If you cannot make the raid, update your status on the calendar, or contact the Raid Leader in game. Have at least listening capability for Ventrilo, (during raids, keep the Vent chatter down, and don’t use inappropriate language). Be civil and respectful of others while raiding. If you have a concern about anything during the raid, whisper the raid leader. Be focused on your assignment and be attentive to the Raid Leader. Have fun!

Raid Categories
Progression: All raids the guild is learning and/or first kills of boss are consider progression runs. Priority for these raids are given to members ranked at <> or above. Also, gear checks and restrictions are placed on this runs. Progression runs have a learning curve and have a personal repair bill the member most be willing to pay.
Normal: Standard and the majority of our scheduled raids. We try to fit everyone in that signup; however this is subject to overall party makeup.
Badge Run: These are planned runs that are DPS loaded to make the raid move quickly. Usually most members do not need the loot from these bosses and are looking for the badges.

Note: With all raids; Raid Leaders have the final say on party selection and they will design a party that has the best chance for a successful raid.

Forums / Guild Policies / Raiding

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